Planning the future

“Old Actice Consulting Company” and his partner company's are one of the largest independent consulting and planning companies with participation's Europe-wide and overseas. Cover all areas of the construction with "Old Active Consultuing Company" and his large partner company's with overall planning responsibility planning from:

OACC is based in Romania because we have recognized that good business partners and projects are waiting for us here.

We also enjoy tax advantages here, which we would be happy to share with you. The budgets are calculated better and have a better value for both parties.

Your OACC team


OACC is involved in numerous innovations and uses this knowledge and know-how for your projects.


With our marketing & implementation agency WECA MEDIA from Germany, we also ensure the right branding for ourselves and our partners.


Our team is at your service throughout Europe if necessary.


The OACC Company works hand in hand across Europe with well-known companies (suppliers, manufacturers and construction companies).

OACC stands for climate rescue!

The Old Active Consulting Company has decided to use waste disposal across Europe! Already in some European countries the garbage piles up over 100,000,000 tons per year.

The establishment of several waste sorting plants, especially in Romania, enables us to take a further step in a better climate.

Cities and regions are already overcrowded with garbage accumulations that cause massive damage to the environment. Old Active Consulting Company SRL, with its strong partners, would like to build plants across Europe.

Children are in the trash all over the world every day. We cannot watch, so we have to act.

For us - for our children - for our future.

Do you want to help?

We are looking for investors, partners and above all people who want to help.

Contact us!


planning - making it plannable - A small selection of our projects that we have collected over the years. For a detailed excerpt, please contact our press department. Thank you

Appartment building

Appartment building

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Innovation center

Innovation center

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Concrete building

Concrete building

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Luxury apartments

Luxury apartments

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Residential architecture

Residential architecture

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Science center

Science center

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Concrete apartments

Concrete apartments

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Introducing OACC

We are a team specialist.

How to find us

Our goal is to provide the best customer service and to answer all of your questions in a timely manner.

+40 (736) 422 662

+40 (736) 422 662

Bucarest Sectoral 5, Bulevard Eroilor Nr. 30, Bloc C2, Scara C Etaj2, Ap. 8

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Our goal is to provide the best customer service and to answer all of your questions in a timely manner.

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Our services

Overview of service phases

1. Basic evaluation

In this service phase, we coordinate the wishes and ideas with our customers in detail.

2. Preliminary planning

Here we develop the planning concept with different variants and discuss it with you. We also present the first draft plans

3. Preliminary design

We implement the project visually with already detailed installation drawings. We also control the costs after the first estimate and create a detailed cost calculation according to DIN 276 with reliable figures.

4. approval planning

We develop the electrical engineering specifications for the required approval planning and take the other trades into account.

5. Detailed design

In this phase, we develop and present the planning solution that is ready for execution. We also draw all the necessary electrical installation plans and all the diagrams.

6. Preparation for award

We draw up the specifications (LV).
• The quantities already determined from service phases 2 and 3 are transferred to the service specification.
• All items in the list of services are provided with market prices.

7. Participation in the allocation

In this phase we check the offers and support you in placing the order.
• Offers are checked and evaluated, a price index is set up.
• Assisting in the negotiations with the bidders and drawing up an award proposal

8. The object monitoring

We monitor the construction progress of your property in the electrotechnical area.
• Regular control of the construction schedule
• Monitoring the execution in the field of electrical engineering
• Participate in the measurement with the executing company
• The technical acceptance is taken over.
• Taking over the invoice verification
• Assumption of cost determination according to DIN 276
• Applying for acceptance at the authorities and participating in the acceptance on site
• Examination of the inventory documents, operating instructions and test reports and handover to the client

Your function shapes our work.

Industrial companies, office and administration buildings or public buildings are constantly increasing in complexity. Energy-efficient and intelligent buildings that can be operated with minimal operating costs are just as popular as industrial companies that are considering smart factories in order to be well equipped for their competitiveness tomorrow.
For more than two decades, OACC has been dealing with the subjects of control technology, automation and electrical engineering in the area of power generation, CHP, process plants and technically demanding buildings. Thanks to this corporate strategy, we were able to acquire the relevant know-how very early on.
Today we work with architects, process engineering offices, property developers and end customers to simplify the complex tasks and make them manageable. With our competence in electrical engineering and automation, we take on the focus on the "function" and take on the responsibility and relief for your project with our qualified, standardized and interface-minimized planning service.
Our competence includes: planning services according to cost groups DIN 276

Research & insight

1. Rehabilitation of urban streets, sidewalks and public lighting as well as electrical systems in Romania.
2. Expansion of the drinking water supply network
3. Design and execution of the option to bypass the protocol target
4. Project and execution variants of bypass and roundabout roads
5. Modernization of commercial space, micro-agricultural and food markets
6. Sewerage and village wastewater treatment plants
7. Regularization or advice on investments
8. Head office rehabilitation
9. Business and investment advice for technical institutions, universities and research institutions in consolidation.
10. investment advice








Function meets innovation, from approach to implementation.

We take over the construction management and project support for all of our planned trades. From construction supervision to cost control to property management and organization, we make sure that your construction project is implemented on schedule and on schedule.
We bring the threads together, we keep an eye on the technical implementation as well as the costs.